Anchor Food Professionals is running a fresh seasonal promotion for spring to help give foodservice operators a positive boost as we look back on a tough year and towards the promise of better times ahead. 

The new season presents a timely opportunity to freshen up the menu and what better way to do so than with the extensive selection of cheese, butter and cream products from the Anchor Food Professionals range?

As an added benefit, if you spend $100 on eligible products you’ll be rewarded with a $20 gift card, and if you spend $200 a $50 gift card will be yours. And not only that … you’ll even go into the draw for a chance to win your share of $20K!

There’s no shortage of quality Anchor Food Professionals products to choose from, as Executive Chef Mark Normoyle points out.

“Perfect Italiano Shredded Mozzarella is the perfect choice for pizzas, delivering superior melt and stretch and terrific browning, while Perfect Italiano Shaved Parmesan delivers that distinctive bite and sharpness that makes it ideal as a topping for pasta and quiche or as a seasoning for roasted vegetables and soups.

“Mainland Shredded Egmont is another winner which boasts a distinctive nutty flavour, smooth texture and excellent melt – I use it as a key cheese in my cheese sauce, and it’s also a great way to add extra flavour to salads.”

Another popular product featured in the promotion is Mainland Swiss Slices, whose rectangular, slightly larger than usual size makes the cheese stand out as a hero ingredient especially when used on burgers, focaccia and maxibuns.

Then there’s Anchor Culinary Cream, an all-use cooking cream ideal for sweet and savoury applications alike, from soups and cream sauces through to desserts like crème anglaise; and Anchor Cream Cheese, which you can use in combination with ingredients like yuzu juice and egg to create the perfect contemporary cheesecake. 

And let’s not forget the terrific taste of Western Star Butter – a must-have ingredient in the commercial kitchen, thanks to its unmistakable flavour and long-established reputation for consistent quality.

These are just a few of the 22 eligible products to choose from in the Anchor Spring promotion. For full details and to enter online and go into the draw to win your share of $20K, just visit