Sabella Consulting spotlights food start-up Good-Edi that have developed the Good Edi cup, a biscuit-based edible takeaway cup for cafes looking for a sustainable offering for their customers.

How did Good-Edi start?

On their daily coffee run in Melbourne Catherine Hutchins and Aniyo Rahebi found themselves consistently shocked by the number of disposed coffee cups they would see overflowing in bins. The sightings challenged the duo to combine their 20 years of food processing and packaging experience to come up with a takeaway cup solution that could decompose naturally.    

The pair spent over 18 months developing the initiative, resulting in a biscuit-based edible cup that could be commercialised. The Good-Edi cup won first place in Taronga Zoo’s Hatch Accelerator Program which supports innovation aimed at addressing pressing environmental challenges.

Within the wider Australian community, Good-Edi has received overwhelming support as they took their mission to source crowd funding to help procure the baking equipment required for their first production run in Melbourne due to commence in May this year.  

What is the current environmental impact of disposable takeaway cups?

  • Globally 500 billion cups are disposed with 1 billion being in Australia.
  • The re-usable cup whilst popular has had a slow adoption rate and the impact of COVID has seen a reversion back to rising disposable cup usage.

What are the key features of the Good-Edi Cup?

  • Made from high-quality oats and grains
  • Ingredients sourced from ethical Australian suppliers
  • 100 per cent vegan
  • Fully biodegrades in a few weeks
  • Local manufactured in Melbourne
  • No artificial flavours or preservatives

Why should cafes offer the Good-Edi cup to their customers?

Not only does offering an edible cup enable cafes to have a point of difference with their customers but more importantly partnering with Good-Edi helps to achieve their broader aim to divert more than 240,000 cups from land fill by December 2021.

To find out more about Good-Edi, visit and follow them on Instagram at @good_edi