With so many critical points in the storage, handling and serving of food, and so many checks to ensure standards are met and food is safe to eat, the burden of compliance can be overwhelming.

Not so with a Monika digital food safety system. With MonikaPrime, you can say goodbye to manual temperature checks, paper records and checklists, and use technology to streamline and automate your food safety processes – from storage to service.

Manual food temperature checks can put your entire business at risk. Would you know if there had been a temperature rise since your last check? If not, you could be serving food that hasn’t been safely stored. Monika’s live temperature monitoring system eliminates this risk – and protects you from costly stock losses.

Manual checklists are also prone to fudging and retrospective ‘completion’ of tasks. MonikaPrime schedules and records all your food safety and hygiene tasks across your operation – from cleaning and maintenance to stock rotation and shelf-life checks.

HACCP compliance has never been easier. A digital food safety system means you’re always audit-ready, and better informed to take action to protect your customers and your stock. Real-time SMS or emails alert you to potential issues as they arise – anywhere, anytime.

MonikaPrime gives you peace of mind while saving you time and money. Less manual record-keeping, stock losses and equipment running costs + higher staff accountability and access to data in real-time = a smarter way to do food safety.

Learn more about Monika’s food safety monitoring systems or call 1300 857 025 to request a demonstration.