Deliverit software knows the hospitality industry. In fact, their point of sale (POS) system was conceptualised in a pizza kitchen 26 years ago. Since then, their POS software has been servicing a range of venues including pizza shops, cafes and other foodservice outlets.

Deliverit’s hospitality POS software can be customised to suit the needs of each individual business. There is even an option to use Deliverit’s hardware or bring your own, meaning operators can sign up straight away and avoid unnecessary costs.

The system is user-friendly for both customers and staff. Customers are able to tailor their meals including ‘half-half’ options and staff can be trained to use the POS in as little as 10 minutes! Employees won’t need to worry about losing orders or juggling dockets as orders are organised on monitors.

Deliverit also has the ability to provide venues with valuable data including order details and times which enables operators to create tailored deals for customers such as free soft drinks or meal deals.

The system also allows operators to monitor the delivery process from start to finish, making it easy to manage orders, driver allocations and route planning with a map view for live tracking of orders. Delivery fees can also be altered according to zones and daily reports are issued, which provide details on all deliveries.

In addition, the flexible POS software integrates seamlessly with Xero cloud reporting and driver and mobile apps for faster order fulfilment and a better customer experience.

Another key feature that sets Deliverit apart from other POS systems is their easy-to-use mobile POS app. The app features a flexible layout that can be customised to suit your venue’s concept and connects seamlessly with the in-store POS system. The app allows users to send out special offers to customers and even has a digital loyalty card that rewards customers every time they order.

Beyond POS software, Deliverit can also custom design and build professional branded websites for venues. Efficient online ordering systems puts the power in the customer’s hands and ensures staff productivity can be maximised, as they won’t need to worry about missing an order or answering phones.

Deliverit websites are search engine optimised, meaning they are easy to discover when customers are looking for venues just like yours. The websites collect customer insights such as location, order choices and time of order, meaning you can send tailored offers in line with their preferences. Customers are also able to log in using their Facebook profile, which makes for a fast and easy checkout.

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