The appeal of plant-based foods is no longer limited to a niche market of vegetarians and vegans. Simplot Australia’s 100% NOT range has been designed with flavour profiles and textures which deliver on taste and presentation, making it easy to create and serve plant-based menu options that appeal to everyone.

The 100% NOT range includes 100% NOT Chicken, 100% NOT Beef, 100% NOT Chicken Schnitzel, 100% NOT Beef Burger – and the latest additions to the range, perfectly seasoned 100% NOT Meatballs and cost-effective, fast-cooking 100% NOT Mince.

All are packaged individually quick frozen so you can use as little or as much as you want. This makes it easy to trial them on the menu while keeping the rest in the freezer until you can gauge response from customers.

The 100% NOT range has been developed to be just as easy to cook with as you would with an animal protein. So you don’t have to modify your recipes – just do a straight swap of the protein ingredient.

Each product in the range delivers what you expect in flavour, texture and performance and is free of emulsifiers, binders, flavourings, colourings and added fat.

The 100% NOT range is sure to appeal to those customers seeking to reduce their meat intake, those following a meat-free diet, and those simply seeking great quality, flavoursome food that presents as good as it tastes!

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