Zii: intuitive POS that improves the customer experience

At Zii, our vision is to digitally transform the high street ecosystem. Achieved by bringing together our team of technologists, business builders and entrepreneurs, we’ve transformed high street commerce into a thriving, connected digital ecosystem.

In creating this ecosystem to add value to our product portfolio, we’ve encompassed the entire B2B2C lifecycle and can deliver value for everyone involved: consumers, business operators and staff alike.

Developed based on in-depth research, our POS platform accommodates Food & Beverage venues ranging from small QSR operations to restaurants seating 200.

At the same time, customers are provided with numerous engagement tools like reward points programs, gift cards and the ability to book a table from their phone or the web. And for simple payments, we offer tools seamless integration with Tyro EFTPOS.

While your customers are looked after, our real time online reporting gives venue management access to sales data, trends and insights about their business, and we offer reporting and analytics tools that help you make informed decisions that can accelerate a positive impact on your bottom line.

Featuring a wide range of solutions, we cater to restaurants, cafes, grocery,
food courts and bubble tea operations. Our integrated products range from ZiiPOS F&B — our feature — rich software that comes complete with multiple menus, multi-pricing, automated surcharging and more, to our eBooking system, which facilitates online and phone bookings which are then synced into our table management system.

Or KDS, our kitchen display system – our fast, no docket, no mess solution that synchronises with ZiiPOS, meaning all orders from all channels will be displayed in one single platform. Making everyone’s life easier!

Add to this our inventory management tool, and you can take control of stock
management processes from end to end. All of which makes for a smoother, more efficient customer experience.

For more information, call +61 3 9817 7177 or email us at hello@ziicloud.com.
Or if you’d like to book a demo, visit ziicloud.com

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