Why Cargo Crew are the experts in hospitality uniforms

Cargo Crew has been at the forefront of hospitality unforms since 2002, dressing staff in more than 80 countries over 20 years. The Melbourne-based company has built a solid reputation for its ever-evolving range of high-quality uniforms worn by both front- and back-of-house hospitality staff from chefs to sommeliers.

The Cargo Crew difference is multifaceted, and the company prides itself on collaborating with operators to create uniforms that are not only functional and design-driven but made with the utmost care and attention to detail – every button and stitch is obsessed over by its team of makers.

Cargo Crew’s uniforms are built for work, but also reflect current trends to ensure staff look the part no matter what type of venue they work in, be it a bar, café, restaurant, club or pub.

The company has developed countless long-term relationships with hospitality operators and is constantly taking feedback on board to improve its product range. An example of Cargo Crew’s commitment to delivering unrivalled products is the development of its Fight the Fade material, which was created to prevent aprons from fading and withstand repeat washing.

Operators have responded to the product with vigor, with the aprons becoming a staple piece for venues located around the world.

Melbourne-based Chef Alejandro Saravia is just one chef who understands the Cargo Crew difference, with the company dressing chefs and front-of-house staff working at Saravia’s lauded restaurant Farmer’s Daughters.

“Since the beginning, I’ve felt a strong connection with Cargo Crew, especially working local,” says Saravia. “They create uniforms that are functional, but at the same time different. Having a modern uniform helps us not just provide a service but be more personable to our customers as we get to know them better.”

The Farmer’s Daughters brigade is split into three pillars, with each team dressed in their own unique uniform. Saravia says the Cargo Crew team ensured each concept was reflected in the final uniforms, which fit right in with the paddock-to-plate venue. “They nailed it,” he says. “We can always depend on them to be forward-thinking … which is right on brand for us.”

A uniform should effortlessly weave into the ethos of a venue, and most importantly, encourage staff to take pride in their work – at the end of the day, staff define the dining experience for every customer who walks in the door.

Everyone knows that wearing considered clothing provides an instant confidence and mood booster, so it’s essential operators fit out their teams with uniforms that give staff the support they need to do their jobs to the best of their abilities.

Operators spend hours poring over menus, food costs and rostering, and the same attention should be dedicated to finding the perfect uniform.

Cargo Crew are here to help with a dedicated uniform styling service, simply contact the team at hello@cargocrew.com.au or on +61 3 9411 9850 to discover the Cargo Crew collection today.

You can also view the range online cargocrew.com.au