In reality, there’s nothing new about square pizzas. They are an Italian staple on the streets of Rome and are often sold as pizza al taglio (pizza by the slice) or pizza al tracio (pizza by the cut). The square shape makes it easier to cut and sell without wastage and they are a good ‘grab and go’ option for customers.

In Australia, restaurants and pizzerias have been offering one-metre pizzas or pizza al metro as a value offering that also wows customers. There has been a perception these pizzas were unachievable without a pizzaiolo, however RDM’s square bases allow any venue to add the squares together and form a metre (or longer) pizza.

“We’ve experienced a significant uplift in our square base sales, which we believe has been fuelled by the current climate with venues and customers seeking innovation and fun in the wake of the pandemic,” says Riccardo Moretti, founder of RDM Pizza Australia.

There are many benefits to using square bases and they are well–suited to functions.  “They are also perfect for to-go options in delis and cafés,” says Moretti. “And dare we say it, with the functions industry returning across the country and increasing numbers at events, the call for perceived-value menu items and maximising bottom lines is growing every day,” he says.

Moretti has experienced the challenges the sector faces with all things pizza having spent years in pizza sections and consulting to the hospitality sector on improving efficiencies and increasing revenue.

Launching RDM Pizza Australia in 2015, he set about providing solutions for the market, disrupting what was on offer and manufacturing traditional pizza bases and dough for the foodservice market.

RDM pizza bases have been designed in such a way that venues can achieve a high-end pizzaiolo result without an experienced pizza chef. Combined with the variety of sizes on offer, the bases are ideal for various venues and channels from caterers to restaurants, pubs and clubs and cafés.

RDM’s products are made in Sydney using local ingredients that support Aussie farmers. RDM don’t add any preservatives or additives to their products and they are vegan-friendly. “Our products are made using traditional techniques and a sourdough method, always using a ‘mother’ yeast,” says Moretti. It results in RDM being able to utilise a marginal amount of yeast, resulting in a light and easy-to-digest product.

The dough is then naturally leavened and pre-fermented for 48 hours prior to stretching and snap-freezing. With 12 months freezer life, the bases last up to two weeks in a cool room, making inventory and stock control a greater efficiency, with only 20 minutes needed to defrost before preparation. “The pizza bases cook almost twice as fast as other brands on the market, cooking in under three minutes,” says Moretti.

You can contact the team at RDM for a free sample here or visit for all things pizza.