Transform payments with CommBank’s Smart Hospitality app

At CommBank, we know that many hospitality businesses value convenient in-venue service interactions that cater to their personal preferences. That includes simplicity, accuracy, and flexibility from ordering to paying the bill.

The new Smart Hospitality app on the CommBank Smart terminal connects to the operators’ point of sale system. It makes tracking and taking payments at the table seamless for staff and splitting bills and tipping easier for customers.

Features designed to help your business operate in a pressure-cooking environment:

Making split bills and tipping that much easier.

The app allows customers to split the bill by item, removing calculations, and saving staff time. Operators can customise on-screen tip amounts, and each customer can leave a tip for their share of a group bill, so no tips are lost in the payments process.

Offering your customers the option of digital receipts.

Once payment has been accepted, venue operators can use the app to send receipts to customers digitally via email, SMS or on-screen QR code. If integrated with the POS, receipts will list all items.

Enhancing cash flow and reducing admin – so you have more time to work in your business.

Venues can update surcharges1 dynamically and eligible merchants can benefit from same-day settlement2 of all payments. Transactions are auto-reconciled, and 1-touch sales reports can be accessed directly from the terminal at the end of the day’s trading.

Once integration with your POS provider is complete, order amounts by table appear automatically in the app, eliminating errors. Staff can see live tables and finalise for payment in one click without updating or initiating via the POS.

Want to get your hands on the Smart Hospitality app? Hospitality providers with a CommBank Smart EFTPOS terminal can download the app and self-serve to set it up or contact the Merchant Helpdesk on 1800 230 177 to have the app provisioned to your terminal(s). For more information head to

Things you should know

Please view our Merchant Agreement, Financial Services Guide and Operator and User Guides at our merchant support hub on the website

1Surcharging is a useful tool to recover the costs of processing card payments in your business. However, the value of the surcharge must not exceed the value that it costs you to accept the transaction, you can find more information at

2Same day settlement is available on all EFTPOS transactions made before 9.30pm (Sydney/Melbourne time) and all eCommerce transactions made before 5:30pm (Sydney/Melbourne time) for eligible customers with a CommBank Business Transaction Account and a linked CommBank merchant facility.

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