When it comes to dishwashers, Miele Professional has long been a trusted name in the industry. With a guiding principle of the highest quality: Immer Besser (forever better) is our common goal. 

Miele Professional is the only manufacturer to test its products for a service life of up to 30,000 operating hours. Whether your business requires hygienically clean glassware, or freshly washed laundry daily for guests: this guiding principle has driven Miele Professional. For more than 115 years, Miele Professional has been developing the best solutions for its customers, so that they in turn can offer their customers the best results.

Renowned for exceptional quality and innovative features, Miele Professional commercial tank (PTD 703) and freshwater dishwashers (PG 8059) are designed to deliver outstanding performance in professional settings.

Unmatched cleaning efficiency

Miele Professional commercial dishwashers are engineered to provide superior cleaning results. With advanced technology and powerful wash cycles, they efficiently remove stubborn stains, grease, and grime, ensuring spotless and hygienic results every time. The combination of high water pressure, precise temperature control, and effective detergent distribution guarantees optimal cleanliness for your dishes, glasses, and utensils.

Time and cost savings

In a bustling commercial environment, time is of the essence. Miele Professional dishwashers offer quick and efficient cleaning cycles, allowing you to process large volumes of dishes in a shorter amount of time. The PTD 703 tank dishwasher has a short cycle of just 55 seconds* and a capacity of 1170 plates per hour. The PG 8059 freshwater dishwasher has a short cycle time of 6 minutes* and a capacity of 380 plates per hour.

Additionally, Miele Professional dishwashers are designed with energy and water efficiency in mind, contributing to significant cost savings in the long run.

Durability and reliability:

Investing in a commercial dishwasher is a long-term commitment, and Miele Professional understands the importance of durability and reliability. All our products undergo meticulous and rigorous testing. For example: the doors on our dishwashers are tested to open and close 100,000 times**. 

Hygiene and safety features:

Maintaining optimal hygiene and safety standards is crucial in any commercial setting. Miele Professional dishwashers incorporate several features to ensure hygienic and safe dishwashing practices. Freshwater dishwashers change the water after each cycle; enabling a constantly high cleaning performance and hygiene thanks to repeated water changes. 

Enjoy peace of mind from a hygiene perspective with a maximum final rinse temperature of 90 °C (PTD 703 tank dishwasher) and 85°C (PG 8059 freshwater dishwasher) to ensure proper sanitisation. By prioritising hygiene and safety, Miele Professional helps businesses maintain compliance with health and sanitation regulations.  

“The Miele Professional range of freshwater and tank dishwashers are the product of choice for the hospitality industry. With short cycles, low consumption values, and rigorous testing to ensure durability, they excel in hotels and restaurants”.  Ross Evans, director of Miele Professional, Australia.

*The values quoted may vary depending on the on-site conditions (electrical connection/water inlet temperature).

**Statements can vary depending on specific product categories and machine capacity.

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Tank dishwasher information:

Miele PTD 703 [AE] Tank dishwasher, Stainless steel

PG 8059 Freshwater dishwasher information:

Miele PG 8059 [MK HYGIENE] Freestanding fresh water dishwasher, Lotus white

Miele PG 8059 [MK HYGIENE] Freestanding fresh water dishwasher, Stainless steel

Optional accessories for the hospitality industry:

APFD 210 Bottle Basket: Miele APFD 210 Basket

Miele APTD 221 Bistro Basket set: Miele APTD 221 Basket set,