I&J Food Service

New from Simplot Foodservice, I&J Crispy Battered Wild Caught Goldband Snapper Fillets in 50g portions are a terrific time and labour saving addition to the foodservice menu.

I&J has selected the very best snapper fillets available, which are hand cut before being coated with I&J’s light and crispy batter to evoke an authentic ‘made from scratch’ style presentation, minimising preparation time and enabling you to deliver beautifully presented meals with ease.

 “I&J Crispy Battered Wild Caught Goldband snapper fillets offer the convenience of pre-prepared, coated frozen fish, making it easy to deliver a consistent product year-round,” says Simplot Australia Executive Chef David White.

I&J Crispy Battered Wild Caught Goldband Snapper is a sweet and flaky white fish with a mild taste and rustic appearance that’s sure to be a hit on the menu.

The 50g portion size delivers incredible versatility – making I&J Crispy Battered Wild Caught Goldband snapper fillets ideal for use as bar snacks, seafood platters, classic fish ‘n’ chips and a wide array of takeaway and delivery options.

Using convenience foods to build signature dishes is becoming a popular way to improve consistency, save money and minimise waste, without compromising on creativity.

“The 50g portion size means you can decide on the number of pieces you serve for each of your dishes to help manage your food cost while delivering flexibility,” says White.

“And the ability to source precisely sized portions from the freezer minimises waste while also helping to ensure consistent price points.”   

More information: https://simplotfoodservice.com.au/product/Crispy-Battered-Goldband-Snapper-Portions