If you think you’re saving money using raw avocado, think again

Not only is raw avocado subject to volatile price fluctuations and seasonal availability issues, you also have to contend with yield loss due to concerns around ripeness and spoilage prevention.

Raw avocados are typically only at peak usability for four to five days, which makes storage and ripening problematic, especially when you’re working in a busy commercial kitchen.

When you buy raw avocados by the tray, it’s most likely some will be ripe and some won’t – so you’ll need to leave them to ripen up. There is also the chance there will be some which are over-ripe or spoiled – so you’ll need to use them first, and as soon as possible.

This means you’ll need to sort each individual fruit accordingly and monitor its ripeness. That requires a level of ongoing management which takes more time and effort than most time-pressed and under-staffed foodservice businesses can afford.

In fact, using raw avocado means you’ll typically have to factor in losses in yield of around 40 per cent. Pitting, peeling and trimming usually reduces your usable fruit by 30 per cent, with a further 10 per cent seeing moisture loss after three days. Fruit that’s too ripe or otherwise spoiled lowers your yield even further.

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