Established in France in 1863 and today known throughout the world, Perrier is a natural sparkling mineral water like no other on the market. As famous for its elegantly shaped green bottle as for its distinctive taste profile, Perrier is the thirst quencher par excellence which can be enjoyed any time.

Perrier has long had an established presence in the Australian market, but has been absent from the grocery sector in recent years. Now, thanks to a recent distribution partnership with DKSH, the brand is set to return to grocery and make new inroads into foodservice.

That means not only will Perrier be a familiar presence to consumers in grocery, but foodservice professionals will be able to capitalise on increased brand awareness through offering it to their customers.

Cafes, restaurants, pubs, clubs and independent foodservice operators are all set to benefit from adding Perrier to the beverage menu. Its distinctive taste profile, borne of a high concentration of CO2 and unique mineral composition, sets it apart from the competition. The immediately recognisable teardrop-shaped green bottle is designed to evoke a champagne bottle in the days when Perrier’s slogan was “the champagne of table water”.

Boasting a rich history, Perrier was originally a naturally carbonated beverage and is still bottled at the original source – the mineral spring in Vergèze, France, which has been used since Roman times.

It was a local doctor, Louis Perrier, who bought the spring in 1898 and first bottled the water which still bears his name today.

Perrier has built a strong reputation over the decades as a lifestyle brand, and is today widely associated with café culture, bars, arts and even sports (including a longstanding sponsorship partnership with the French Open tennis grand slam).

“Perrier is not just water – it is a beverage in its own right, which has always been associated with innovation and a sense of thrill,” says Catherine Thiebaut, marketing manager at DKSH Grocery Connect which markets Perrier in Australia.

In foodservice, Perrier can be served anytime on its own as a premium natural beverage. It’s also ideal as a cocktail ingredient at brunch, afternoon tea and into the evening. There is a wide variety of virgin cocktail or mocktail recipes for which Perrier is a natural fit, such as bloody Perrier (inspired by the bloody mary and made with tomato puree, balsamic vinegar, syrup, fresh basil and Perrier), the Perrier smoothie (perrier mixed with strawberry puree and vanilla syrup) and the Perrier PKG (Perrier with fresh ginger, apple, kiwi fruit and syrup).

You can find these and other refreshing recipes on the international Perrier website at

Perrier is relaunching in the Australian foodservice market in two formats – a 750ml glass bottle for the tabletop, and a 330ml glass bottle for single serves. Add it to your beverage list today and let your customers savour the distinctive taste and mineral composition that has been enjoyed internationally by generations of consumers.

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