Consumers are now more aware as they have a wider selection of products and brands. It is becoming more complex to keep up with the fast-changing consumer preferences, with healthier and environment-friendly options.

Customer experience and satisfaction are highly dependent on new trends, lifestyle choices, and the availability of unique products. The role of a hospitality venue is to provide the customers with the choice of these new alternatives and thus, create memorable experiences.

The Australian market is one of the fastest-growing vegan markets around the globe. About 12% of the Australian population identifies as almost vegetarian/vegan from 2% in 2016, according to Roy Morgan research study.

Health benefits, animal cruelty, sustainability, and climate change are a few reasons why consumers are choosing the Vegan lifestyle.

Another boom in the Aussie market is the non-Alcoholic beverages as more and more guests are asking for them. One of the reasons for choosing zero alcohol drinks is health. Now that the quality of these drinks has improved drastically, they taste great and are also ‘fashionable’, which increases the social acceptance of such products. It creates the same social drinking experience and provides the satisfaction of some classic beverages without consuming alcohol or having a hangover.

If your venue doesn’t offer any vegan alternatives, it can cause a loss of revenue. For example, in a group of 10 diners, if even one guest is vegan, the group will most probably choose a venue that offers at least some kind of vegan food. Similarly, people would like to have the option of having non-alcoholic beverages.


However, changing your menus regularly for each new consumer trend is expensive and time-consuming. Hence, digital menus are the way to go!

Bepoz’s in-house ordering system is equipped with easy-to-update digital menus in real-time. You get access to the merchant app and can update the menus on the go as per item availability, special events, or some Footy Specials. Visual menus also increase the likelihood of customers trying out new products with delicious-looking food and drinks. 

Restaurants can add vegan dishes, or just modifiers so your customers can choose to order the vegan option of their favourite dishes. Adding new drinks has become super easy with digital menus. Simply adding a few specials creates an inclusive reputation. Venues with a larger chunk of vegetarian and vegan consumers can opt is having all dishes with an option to be vegan.

Restaurants are adapting and staying on top of trends and consumer habits. Veganism and zero alcohol drinks are both fast-growing trends in Australia and with its current stats, it seems like a trend that will keep growing. Understanding how these changing consumer preferences are impacting hospitality venues can help you devise a strategy that gives you an edge over your competition.

Every venue can leverage the technology around them to keep up with this fast-paced industry.