High-quality cooking oils at your service

Cooking oil is an essential ingredient in any service kitchen. No matter what you plan to cook — whether you’re creating mouth watering marinades, sizzling stir-fries, delectable dips, crunchy golden chips, or other crispy delights, the choice of oil plays a pivotal role in the success of your dishes.

When it comes to choosing a cooking oil, the texture, flavour, and smoke point are crucial factors that determine its suitability. Other aspects to consider include food standards and food safety policies, whether it’s organic, Halal or Kosher certified or contains any added ingredients. While oil management, workplace efficiency and sustainability are other considerations in the foodservice industry.

Understanding the varying factors involved in choosing the right cooking oil can sometimes be overwhelming. To simplify this process, Cookers is Australia’s bulk cooking oil supplier delivering fresh, high-quality oils to the foodservice industry since 2000. They offer a wide range of oils to choose from and industrial equipment, complementing their Bulk Oil Management System.

Here’s some guidance on the different types of oils and their applications.


Cookers XLFRY is a high-performance vegetable oil blend is locally refined in Australia, specially designed for heavy duty deep frying — think crispy chips, chicken schnitzels and golden fried fish. Boosted with premium cottonseed and high oleic oils, XLFRY not only increases the oil life but improves frying performance due to the reduced gumming. To top it off, it’s Halal and Kosher certified making it a great choice for deep frying.

Canola Oil

Canola Oil is widely used in the Australian foodservice industry for light to medium frying. Being a super versatile oil with a neutral flavour, it can be used in various dishes such as marinades, gravy, sauces, margarines, spreads and salad dressings. Cookers canola oil is 100 per cent sourced and refined in Australia. They also have an organic canola oil which is purpose built for organic style of cooking.

Extra virgin olive oil

Cookers Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from Aussie grown olives, it is cold pressed and contains fresh aroma characteristics with a distinct flavour — making it ideal as a raw ingredient. It’s a great addition to salad dressings, dips, marinades, Hellenic and Italian cooking. Not only is it Halal and Kosher certified but is also compatible with vegan and vegetarian diets.


Cookers ULTAFRY is an elite blend of premium, high performance cooking oil designed to suit various culinary applications. It is locally refined and fortified with heat tolerant high oleic vegetable oils. This helps to extend the oil life and improve frying performance without compromising the texture of the food. It has been specifically designed to sustain longer periods of deep frying.

For more information, visit their website cookers.com.au or speak to one of their friendly staff in assisting you with choosing the right oil for your needs on 1300 88 22 99.