Jands has been in the business of entertaining Australia for over 50 years. Working hand-in-hand with some of the biggest artists in the world, and at some of Australia’s biggest venues.

Jands has expanded into numerous sectors creating and sourcing all sorts of audio
and visual solutions from concerts to boardroom, to hospitality venues. Our years of audio expertise has given us a tremendous amount of insight into what makes a venue’s audio system stand out.

You might not have seen us, but you’ve definitely heard of us. Jands Sound is one of the most powerful ways to trigger human emotion. Often pushed aside as mere ‘background noise’ sound has been proven to not just affect the emotions of venue
patrons but how a venue is perceived all together.

A well-tuned audio atmosphere is not simply a minor consideration but rather a crucial component of a venue’s design. The sound becomes a part of the story that a venue is trying to tell, and it is the sound system itself that ties it all together.

Even the best music can lead to a negative impact on the venue’s internal story, if the
quality of the sound system isn’t considered. Systems of poor quality can produce loud and jarring sounds that turn away new customers before they even enter and sour remaining costumers from returning. Good systems set up in the wrong spaces, at the wrong angles, or with wrong configuration can still ruin the experience of a venue.

When all aspects of the venue’s story are taken into consideration, people are more
compelled to stay and return, and most importantly more likely to spend. 51% of additional drink bill spending, results from the complementary music atmosphere, and 71 per cent of customers think playing background music creates a better atmosphere while dining.

(1) In our expert opinion, a phenomenal sound system is not a matter of using the biggest and loudest speakers to flood a venue with sound. Good systems set up in the wrong spaces, at wrong angles, or with wrong configurations can still ruin the experience of the venue.

Instead, a great sound system is about the strategic placement of a unified array of
speakers, covering as much space as possible without needing to push out massive heavy sounds. Effectively wrapping patrons in sound, keeping them drawn to your venue.

Different venues, cater to different crowds, within different spaces, each requiring a level of audio-visual knowledge to fine tune to a venue’s story. As a leading distributor of audiovisual solutions, Jands’ team of application designers pair our decades of technical expertise with best-in-class solutions like Electro Voice’s EVID loudspeaker family.

Creating complementary audio atmospheres for all sorts of hospitality venues.
If you would like to learn more about audio solutions for dining spaces, please
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