Have you been thinking about adding a new protein to your culinary offering? Duck is a great addition to any menu and can easily substitute other meats such as chicken, beef, and pork, resulting in an unrivalled flavour profile on the plate. It’s a versatile protein that lends itself to an array of applications, whether it’s on pizza, in tacos, or the star of a Peking duck pancake.

Due to a free-trade agreement between Australia and Thailand, Australian hospitality venues can now purchase cooked duck products for the first time. Until now, the availability of fresh, frozen, and cooked duck products has been restricted to domestic production which can be expensive and limiting when it comes to availability. Thailand is known for its high-quality duck meat and is also more affordable than domestic duck products, which enables operators to save.

CP Foods is the world’s largest agro-industrial company and is one of the leaders in the Asia-Pacific region. Founded in 1921, CP Foods has dedicated itself to animal welfare, world-standard farming practices, and high-quality processing. The company can provide 100 per cent traceability with no requirement for third-party providers and has been awarded with the QS certification for poultry – the only company outside of the European Union to hold it.

In line with the trade agreement, CP Foods is launching a number of versatile, high-quality duck products. There’s an array of portion sizes to suit any venue, ranging from half or whole ducks to different shredded meat packs. The CP Foods duck range also saves time in the kitchen. With its quick and easy preparation, it’ll be on the plate in no time.

The CP Foods duck range includes:

Aromatic shredded roast duck: An ideal option to elevate your taco offering or a great addition to salads, soups, noodle dishes, and pizzas.

Boneless duck breast: Stands its ground in flavour when served by itself or can be added to any dish as a substitute for beef, chicken, or pork.

Boneless Peking fried duck: Suits traditional Peking-style pancakes and can be used in salads, stir fries, banh mi, and tacos.

Roasted aromatic shredded duck: An easy and flavoursome addition to pizzas, soups, salad, or sushi.

Whether you’re using duck to elevate an existing protein-led dish or to feature in a new culinary creation, CP Foods’ high-quality, flavoursome duck is sure to satisfy customers. 

To find out more about the CP Foods duck range, visit cpfglobalsourcing.com/duck