The Fine Food Australia New Product Awards remain the benchmark for excellence in the food service, hospitality, retail, and bakery industries, judged by a panel of industry experts and professionals.

2022, SPEED-X™ and EVEREO® combined, achieved this Best New Hospitality Equipment Product Award presented by FCSI with its innovative technology and outstanding performance. We are happy to see the hard work of the whole team revealed in the final award and recognition. 

Let’s meet the winning combination!


SPEED-X™, the first self-washing combi speed oven: the perfect combination of quality and speed. A remarkable technological leap is forward ready to accompany operators in all their daily culinary challenges. It continues to win awards worldwide with its innovative technology and design, including 3 Red Dot Design Awards 2022, Gold Award in Polagra 2022 Fair Poland, Gold Award in the Innovation Challenge UK, FCSI Best New Hospitality Product 2022 Australia, and more to come!

Its design language maintains the distinctive and unique characteristics of UNOX lines and projects them in a modern visual style oriented to the future, always putting ergonomics and ease of use first. The smart and futuristic look is emphasized by a high-tech capacitive interface panel placed right at the centre of a push-to-close door. 

The operating system, Digital.ID™, is the most advanced ever installed on an oven. The interface is fast, immersive, and intuitive and holds hyperconnection functions powered by artificial intelligence. The high-definition display is designed to improve user experience. Its home screen is customizable and comes with a series of new interactive, vibrant widgets devised to keep preferences always in the foreground, making it easier to work in the kitchen.

The stainless-steel structure protects the oven from corrosion and immediately transmits solidity and reliability, allowing high-standard levels of security. Elegance is conveyed by a virtue of a slim and slender shape which enhances verticality and symmetry. 

Unox creates intelligent technology and applies it to professional cooking processes to support people and businesses who face the challenge of building their everyday success in the foodservice world.


Safety and quality are paramount in everything we do at Unox and only EVEREO® machines have the worldwide patented EVEREO® technology in addition to the HACCP International Certification.

It is a unique piece of equipment that preserves cooked meals for days at the temperature you will serve them, using a combination of extremely accurate temperature and atmosphere control.

The EVEREO®, sometimes called “The Hot Fridge” holds the food at an incredibly even temperature ready to eat. It is computer-controlled and holds the set temperature with (+/- 0.5°) of variance.

The winning combination can assist your business in many criteria, such as hyper-accelerated cooking, reduced customer waiting times and reduced food waste, etc. 

For you, this means maximum performance freedom, ease of use and savings.

For Unox, we aim to build your success.