According to a recent industry report* by research firm IBISWorld, Aussies’ taste in bread is changing. In recent years, consumer demand for quality, freshness and variety has seen a rise in the popularity of artisanal, wholemeal and seeded breads.

The food service industry has responded to this with Sourdough, Ciabatta and Turkish bread now commonplace on menus across the country. Whether it’s served as a starter, a side or the base for a sandwich; fresh, delicious artisanal bread enhances the dining experience for customers.

As a rule, artisanal style bread products cost more than mass-produced bread, due to the expertise and time taken in making them. Add wastage on top of this, and the real cost to offer these products can be prohibitive for many commercial kitchens.

In response to these challenges, Quality Bakers Australia has developed a range of par-baked artisanal bread products. Stone baked to create a deliciously crisp crust, the range includes Sourdough, Ciabatta, Turkish, Baguette and Batard loaves and rolls, in a variety of styles including white, seeded and rye.

Par-baked and snap frozen for convenience, the QBA artisanal products can be ready fresh from the oven in minutes, allowing cafés and restaurants to harness the intoxicating smell and crunch of freshly-baked bread at any time, without the wastage.

To order from the QBA artisanal range, visit, call 1300 366 533 or contact the team using the details below.

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