7 ways to overcome skills shortages in hospitality

When it comes to filling in workforce shortages in your business, hiring managers either get overwhelmed with heaps of resumes, or be underwhelmed with the shortage of applicants.

It makes searching for the right person for the job a tedious and time consuming task that takes away valuable time for you to work on other important projects to keep your business running.

That’s where Ausphin comes in. With a decade of experience and being trusted by 150 plus hospitality groups and leaders, Ausphin is the only Recruitment partner you need to provide holistic solutions to your workforce needs.

  1. Lesser time spent on sorting through candidates. Instead of wasting hours going over resumes and online applications, you can sit back and tend to other important tasks while Ausphin does all the tedious recruitment work.
  2. Skilled and pre-screened global candidates. Ausphin has a talent database of over 5,000 cooks, chefs and food & beverage professionals from all over the world. Candidates endorsed to potential employers are already pre-screened, ranging from semi-skilled to skilled, and have already built a career path in the hospitality industry.
  3. Evaluate candidates’ skills in 5 mins. Ausphin gives confidence to hiring managers that they are employing talents with real talents. Visume by Ausphin is an innovative tool that showcases a preview of the talents’ skills, making it easier for hiring Managers to decide faster & cut the recruitment process shorter by 80 per cent.
  4. Never worry about visa sponsorship & documentation. Ausphin is an approved sponsor for SC 407 or Training Visa, and with an experienced in-house Registered Migration Agent, they take care of all the documentation and immigration processing needed to bring in your selected overseas applicant.
  5. 98 per cent talent retention rate. Ausphin has developed their own career programs for their candidates with the sole objective of getting a Permanent Residency. Hence, partnering with Ausphin gives hiring managers the confidence that these talents are here to upskill, grow and stay with them.
  6. Dedicated account manager. Every partner is supported by a dedicated Account Manager who oversees the progress of the candidates & assists in the transition, visa-related documentation and hiring requirements.
  7. Low to zero recruitment fees! Depending on the skills range of the candidate, you can save as much as AU$9,000 dollars on each candidate hired versus other recruitment agencies.

Unlike most recruitment agencies, Ausphin provides a 360-degree workforce solution, from screening, auditing, documentation, monitoring & support. Don’t bog yourself down with the tough logistics of onboarding, training, and sponsoring talents from the international market.

Ease your HR team’s workload and get started with Ausphin. Sign up for an exclusive access to their services and talent database by visiting https://info.ausphin.com.au/hospitality-partners

You may also get in touch with them via +61 488 854 486 or 0485 865 816 for a free consultation call.