Channel Seven’s new reality cooking show, Restaurant Revolution will have its Tuesday night prime time position swapped out in favour of youtube cat videos.

The 7.30pm Tuesday night slot saw Restaurant Revolution in direct competition with Channel Nine’s latest culinary reality show, The Hotplate which attracted 784,000 when it debuted on 28 July, and 944,000 when it aired on Tuesday this week according to Mumbrella.

Although both shows received relatively lacklustre ratings when they debuted last week, The Hotplate has now proven to be the more popular of the two with Restaurant Revolution’s Thursday night episode (30 July) dropping to the 83rd position on the ratings ladder – only barely ahead of daytime soap opera, The Bold and The Beautiful according to Fairfax.

Restaurant Revolution was originally planned to air on Tuesdays and Thursdays has now been moved to a one hour timeslot on Thursdays, leaving Cats Make You Laugh Out Loud, “a compilation of the most hilarious and outrageous cat-themed videos on the internet” to compete with The Hotplate for ratings on Tuesday nights.

Earlier this week, the Seven Network told the federal court that The Hotplate, was infringing on the copyright of its highly successful reality program My Kitchen Rules.

Seven alleges that the three episodes of The Hotplate that have aired since the program launched last month have taken key elements from My Kitchen Rules which first aired in 2010.

SMH reports that Seven sought an urgent injunction to stop Channel Nine from airing the fourth episode of The Hotplate on Tuesday, 4 August – the same day that the matter went to court.

Federal Court Justice, John Nicholas said that an abrupt halt to the airing of the show could potentially “kill off” the program, and that he would hold off granting any injunction until later in the week.


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