Delivery was once reserved for greasy pizza and late night Chinese, however, with the rise of technology and a growing culture of instant gratification, delivery is now expected — and it doesn’t matter what kind of restaurant you operate. From juice bars to pubs, to franchises and local gems, delivery is an asset that any business can take advantage of. To help you decide if your restaurant is ready to offer food delivery, consider the following questions.

Is there a demand?

Think about your current customer base. Are they asking for delivery? Have you received any requests or inquiries?

If you’re unsure spend time doing a bit of research, perhaps with a survey or by reviewing customer comments online.

In addition, using a third party delivery service presents an opportunity to acquire new customers and expand your reach beyond your pool of locals. Delivery services such as foodora let vendors conduct a trial which is a good way to assess the value and success of delivery.

Will the food travel well?

The beauty of delivery is its ability to offer customers a superior dining experience in the comfort of their own home. In order to give customers the best possible experience create a bespoke menu that is solely for delivery; only include items you’re sure will keep their integrity. Work with your delivery agent to determine what items to include.

What system or software do I need in order to start?

Many restaurant POS systems add a delivery function to their offering, so online ordering, delivery and customer data can be tracked all in one place. Alternatively, delivery services such as foodora operate in isolation, meaning that if you don’t operate using a sophisticated POS then you can still take advantage of delivery.

My restaurant is quiet on weeknights, how can I attain more revenue?

Offering delivery allows you to take advantage of an additional revenue stream that was perhaps once inaccessible. By working with aggregators you can showcase your restaurant to new customers; you can push certain menu items with ease, and you can work with flexible technology which allows you to change your delivery status on the fly depending on how busy you are, or the number of staff members you have available.

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