Prime Steak Restaurant has introduced a luxury caviar selection to complement their steak-focused a la carte menu.

The premium caviar menu comprises Iranian Beluga Caviar, which is sourced from the world’s rarest, most expensive Sturgeon fish. Prepared according to Persian tradition, the large grains are light to dark grey-coloured with a soft, creamy texture and a refined fruity, buttery flavour.

Golden Russian Oscietra caviar will also feature on the menu. Hand-selected from wild-raised white sturgeon, Gold Russian Oscietra caviar is known for its large dark to golden brown-coloured pearls. The glossy and firm roe offer a crisp aroma, delicate nutty flavour and creamy finish with a hint of sea salt.

“We let the caviar take centre stage and present the tin elegantly on a bed of crushed ice with a mother of pearl spoon, along with house-made accompaniments including brioche, butter and crme fraiche. For the connoisseurs, they are welcome to eat the caviar off the top of their hand and experience the pearls burst with flavour on the palate,” said head chef Erwan Helary.  

“Contrary to popular belief, the world’s most expensive caviar is not black in colour; often the light-coloured caviar is more highly prized.”

“Any additions to the caviar made by producers to extend the life of the roe diminish the quality of the caviar, so we only offer a very pure and unprocessed caviar selection.” 

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