UK-based point of payment rating system, truRating, has announced its official launch in Australia.

The system integrates with payment terminals at restaurants, cafes and retailers and provides businesses with a simple and cost-effective way to collect immediate feedback from customers.

Using the payment terminal, truRating presents customers with a single feedback question, asking them to rate an aspect of their experience using a scale of 0-9 on the keypad. The data then gives businesses a real-time, mass-market view of customer satisfaction on key metrics such as service and value – providing operators with the insight they need to make changes and improvements.

The feedback is completely anonymous and comprises five standard questions covering service, value, experience, likelihood to recommend, and the product delivered. The questions rotate ensuring that every paying customer is asked about one aspect of their experience. If a customer chooses not to leave feedback, they can simply hit the clear button to continue and finalise their transaction. According to truRating, an average of 88 percent of customers give a rating.   

Founded by UK startup, fintech, truRating has now established its APAC headquarters in Sydney, with a view to capitalise on rapid growth and technology advancements in the region.

“Until now, there has been no straightforward system that provides merchants with validated and trusted ratings of their business, in real-time,” says truRating founder and CEO Georgina Nelson. “Our vision for truRating Australia is to leverage our new technology to transform the way merchants collect feedback from their customer base to drive greater loyalty and profitability.”

truRating’s Australian launch follows a successful six-month pilot program with a variety of local merchants including Vietnamese chain Rolld, salad chain Crisp, and Jones the Grocer. truRating's key partners in Australia include the Commomwealth Bank and PC-EFTPOS.


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