Restaurants around the world have had to change their business models drastically during the COVID-19 pandemic. Those at the top of the game are no different — award-winning Copenhagen restaurant Noma will reopen as a burger bar this week.

The two-Michelin-starred venue, which is currently ranked second on the World’s 50 Best list, closed temporarily on 14 March. With COVID-19 restrictions easing in Denmark, the restaurant will now reopen in two stages.

The first step will see Rene Redzepi’s team try their hand at casual dining, opening a wine bar at 1pm on 21 May. The outdoor venue will make the most of Noma’s gardens, which overlook a lake. Guests can drop in for a few glasses wine, with two burgers on the menu for those looking to eat. The Noma cheeseburger and the Noma veggie burger both include ferments from the venue’s cellar and are served on a freshly baked potato bun by Gasoline Grill.

The wine bar will be open Thursday–Sunday, from 1pm to 9pm and will not take reservations — another change for the team.

Redzepi explained the decision on Instagram: “We feel in the first phase of the reopening that we want to be open for all. We need to heal, [sic] So let’s have a glass and a burger, you’re all invited”.

The second stage will see the ‘official’ reopening of Noma. A statement on the restaurant’s website, reads “Being closed for so long means that it will take weeks for our team to get the kitchen back to the levels we were at before closing. We do not yet have an official opening date for the restaurant to share, but we will have more information on this very soon.”

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