The annual Consumer Electronics Show recently held in Las Vegas served up plenty of new gadgets for the food industry.

From robots to an instant wine decanter, here are some of the technologies you can expect to see in the kitchens of the future.

A robot that delivers drinks and moves chairs

A new robot developed by Aeolus Robotics can pick up a drink from the fridge and deliver it straight to a customer’s hand. It can also grab a vacuum cleaner or broom to clean floors, and has a chair-moving function, too. The US-based company is expected to start shipping the bots later this year and promises the price won’t break the bank.

A gadget that decants wine in seconds

The 2018 show also saw the debut of the Aveine Smart Wine Aerator that decants wine in seconds. The user chooses their level of aeration (between one and 24 hours of decanting) and the level is applied directly to each pour. The gadget may not sit well with traditionalists, but it could be a novelty for customers and assist during peak dining periods.

A food-delivering robot

LG Electronics (LG) unveiled a series of three robots, called CLOi (pronounced KLOH-ee), including one specifically developed for serving food and drinks to customers in airports and hotels. The Serving Robot features a built-in sliding tray which it presents to customers for easy removal. Once the meal delivery is complete, the robot makes its way back to the kitchen on its own. LG expects to have its CLOi bots circulating the Incheon International Airport in South Korea this year to serve customers travelling for the Winter Olympics.

A fridge that lets you know when food is about to expire

LG also introduced its latest smart refrigerator featuring a 29-inch touchscreen that becomes transparent with two quick knocks on the screen. The InstaView ThinQ fridge pairs with Amazon’s Alexa and allows users to virtually label food and drinks with expiration dates and sends reminders when they’re about to expire. It also notifies users when items are running low and a camera inside lets users view the contents of their fridge remotely via their phone. The screen can look up recipes, play music, made to-do lists and even order groceries.

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