New Shanghai Chadstone has launched as part of the $660 million redevelopment of Chadstone The Fashion Capital.

The new venue is the latest from New Shanghai, and is also its largest at 200-seats, including a dedicated dining bar, which can accommodate up to 40 diners at a time.

Executive chef Wein Qiang Huang is at the helm of the new kitchen. After training in China and CBD restaurant HuTong, Huang has played an instrumental role in the creation New Shanghai Emporium’s offer, and plans to apply his Shanghaiese food knowledge to New Shanghai Chadstone’s menu.

The menu will feature many dishes from the Emporium Melbourne eatery, including Xiao Long Bao filled with juicy broth; chilli wontons drizzled with peanut sauce and served with cucumber; crispy Rainbow beef marinated in a sweet and sour batter; and deep-fried barramundi topped with sweet and sour sauce.

The drinks menu includes wines, beers and traditional Asian beverages, while mixologist Michael Chiem has also created a limited edition Shanghainese inspired cocktail list exclusively for New Shanghai Chadstone.

New Shanghai Chadstone’s interiors have been fitted-out by design studio, Giant.

“We’ve retained the crucial elements of a typical New Shanghai restaurant – the theatre of the open dumpling kitchen, the moody lighting, great walls of grey bricks, cobbled floors, dark timbers and rich red features. However, the details are all new, and we have added the glamour of bronze, brass, steel and stone,” said associate Christopher Wilks.

New Shanghai Chadstone is open for lunch and dinner 7 days and will be open over the festive season. 

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