Kennigo Social House has opened in the gardens of the new Mantra Richmont Hotel on Kennigo Street in Spring Hill, Queensland.

Share plates and cocktails are on offer at the restored 130-year old building, which used to operate as a boarding house.

Head chef Steven Herold said “Kennigo Social House is serving share plates full of fun, funky freshness to Brisbane.

“One of my favourite items on the menu is KSC – Kennigo Social Chicken wings, crispy fried in our craft blended seasoning of chilli, coriander, mayonnaise and more.

“It’s best washed down with a 24 hour Bloody Mary which has been infusing for the past night and day or Irene’s Long Island Ice Tea, named in honour of the woman who opened the boarding-house in 1885.”

Kennigo Social House is open for breakfast daily, lunch on Saturdays and dinner nightly, except on Sundays.

It is also available for private lunches, dinners and events for approximately 50 guests while the Courtyard Bar is available for private parties for up to 20.

Mantra Richmont Hotel’s lobby and entrance to the restaurant is also home to Kennigo Espresso Caf with a ‘grab-n-go’ coffee and snack service during the working week.

Kennigo Social House KSC


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