Chef Neil Perry has launched an online campaign to save award-winning cattle farmer, David Blackmore’s farm.

Perry launched the online petition yesterday, requesting that the Victorian government intervene after Blackmore was refused an intensive farming permit by the Murrindindi Council to let his cattle live on grass at his Alexandria property following complaints from neighbours.

As reported by ABC News, Blackmore has raised cattle in the area for the past 12 years and made the decision four years ago to move his 1,350 strong herd out of the feedlot and onto the grass of the 150-hectare property.

Since then, the Council has received numerous complaints from neighbours who claim that the cattle are causing bad odours and noise, as well as attracting thousands of corellas to the area which are allegedly damaging local business.

"The cattle get up and eat, drink and chew their cud all day, whereas in a feed lot they can't do that," Blackmore told ABC News.

"They're happier here."

According to ABC, Blackmore has two months to appeal the decision, and is currently contemplating selling his property.

Commenting of on the issue, chef Neil Perry said that Blackmore produces the best wagyu beef outside of Japan, and is urging Victoria’s agricultural minister, Jaala Pulford together with Federal agriculture minister Barnaby Joyce to support Blackmore’s “right to farm”.

"It's just crazy that a world-standard best practice, world-class farm isn't allowed to happen three hours outside of Melbourne," said Perry.


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