Just when you thought the Australian caf industry had been overrun by cats, word has just hopped out that a bunny caf could be on the cards.

Helen Hu and David Johnson have launched a crowd funding campaign to get their Bunny Caf concept off the ground. The pair are also working with Olinda’s Run-Away Rabbit Orphanage to source the animals.

"Talking to the orphanage, they do need more help to raise awareness for rabbit welfare," Hu told Good Food.

"It's a bit too far for most people to get, so with more of a cafe environment and closer to the city, more people will be able to know them and get to see them and hopefully that will promote adoption and welfare."

The caf itself will feature a vegetarian menu, and eye-level glass enclosures for the rabbits. Unlike cat cafes where patrons can interact directly with the animals, Hu says that the rabbit caf will take a different approach.

“They can see the bunnies, but it's not like free roaming bunnies that they can pick up or interact with in that way," she said.

The Bunny Caf’s crowdfunding project has a target of $20,000, just over half of which has already been raised.

Hu and Johnson have not yet secured a location for the caf, but are hoping to open in Melbourne’s inner north. 


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