Melbourne cafe cops flack over DIY avocado toast

18 September, 2018 by
Hospitality Magazine

Kettle Black Café in Melbourne has been slammed on social media after an unhappy diner posted a photo of her breakfast.

Jess McGuire ordered avocado on toast for $18, but was not impressed with the deconstructed presentation of the dish which consisted of two slices of sourdough, a piece of feta, lime, kelp salt and half an avocado in the skin.


“I’m not sure you … will ever fully understand the level of annoyance I felt being handed this alleged ‘avocado toast with feta’ breakfast that cost $18 today,” McGuire posted on Instagram.

“What f**king next. Being handed an avocado seed and told to farm the land and grow my own crop over several years before returning to the cafe to finally enjoy my breakfast?”


Kettle Black has served the dish since it opened four years ago and café manager Tim James says avo toast is one of the venue’s most popular items.

“This is how we have served it from day dot,” James told “You make it yourself and design your breakfast your own way.

“You can’t please everyone. We can add things if they are not happy, but we have served it like this for four years.”

Despite McGuire taking to social media, she told she did not complain to the café and will instead “write it off as an experience”.

Consumers venting on social media rather than in person is becoming the norm in the industry and operators are struggling to deal with online feedback.

Hospitality recently covered the topic and spoke to two operators who both urged customers to speak up and give venues the chance to address the problem and provide a solution.

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