Australia’s most popular coffee revealed

13 December, 2018 by
Madeline Woolway

Despite total sales decreasing from 43 per cent to 33 per cent since 2016, the latte remains the country’s most popular coffee drink, according to the 2018 Square Australian Coffee Report. 

Released by payments company Square in partnership with the Specialty Coffee Association, the report crunched data from outlets nationwide.


The flat white remained a staple claiming 24 per cent of coffee sold, but it was the cappuccino that experienced the biggest resurgence with sales jumping from 12 per cent to 19 per cent, even landing in top spot in New South Wales.

Prices across the board were up only a few cents from 2017.

Other key findings showed:
  • Coffee drinkers in the Northern Territory (NT) spend on average $1 more on their beverages than consumers in New South Wales.
  • Australians still spend more on the sweeter flavours of mocha and chai.
  • The cheapest coffee in each state is still the traditional long black — the only coffee that costs less than $4 on average.
  • The majority of consumers (54 per cent) choose to pay with card over cash.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao.