Labor has agreed to support the passing of the China Australia Free Trade Agreement without the prerequisite of increasing the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold.

The Labor Party had originally proposed that the threshold increase from $53,900 to $57,000 for 457 Visas, however under the agreement to pass the China Australia FTA, the Government has now agreed to a review of the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold.

Peak body, Tourism Accommodation Australia welcomed labour’s decision, stating that the proposed increase to income would have impacted heavily on operators in regional and remote areas.

“We believe that it is important for the salary threshold to be set at either the award rate or market reference point of pay in the hospitality industry, rather than a one size fits all approach,” said TAA CEO, Carol Giuseppi.

“… Operators in regional and remote areas are struggling as it is, and any further barriers to accessing the temporary skilled migration program will be detrimental to growing a sustainable tourism industry.

“We would prefer to see less red tape and more flexibility when it comes to solving temporary skills shortages, but we recognise that it was important to get the China Australia Free Trade Agreement through Parliament as it will provide vast economic benefits for Australia.” 


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