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Chef and restaurateur Kylie Kwong has confirmed she will exit the restaurant business after 24 years with the closure of Lucky Kwong in June.

The acclaimed culinary talent opened the South Eveleigh eatery in 2021 after closing Billy Kwong back in 2019, which she opened back in 2000 with the late Bill Granger.

Kwong took to Instagram to announce the shock news, which has triggered an outpouring of support from her peers.

“It has certainly been a colourful and life-changing few decades,” she wrote. “For all the many challenges that come with being in the hospitality industry, I consider myself fortunate for I have had far more positive experiences than negative.”

Kwong has made the decision to start a fresh chapter once Lucky Kwong closes in the coming weeks, with the chef continuing to pursue her “lifelong passion for food, art, culture, and connection.

“Through the lens of food and interconnectedness, I wish to place all my energy, focus, and time into helping share and amplify other people’s stories, particularly the important voices of First Nations people and our rich multicultural communities.”

The chef community has taken to the comments section to support Kwong and her next move.

“Brave moves forward are always the most rewarding,” wrote Christine Manfield, with Dessert Masters judge Melissa Leong thanking Kwong “for being a trail-blazer and mould-breaker for the industry, and for women with ideas”.

Nigella Lawson wrote: “I feel a pang knowing the next time I come back to Sydney there won’t be your restaurant to make a beeline for, but I’m so happy for you to have the time to do what’s right for you. You’ve earned the right, that’s for sure.”

Lucky Kwong will continue to operate as usual for lunch Monday to Friday.

“I want to farewell these last 24 years on an absolute high,” said Kwong. “I will then take some time out which is essential during a period of major transformation.”