Salt and Pepper Squid is a popular and versatile menu item that your customers know and love. I&J now have two great products available, ready to plate in 3 minutes from frozen, simply add to your own menu creation and serve.

I&J’s succulent tender hand-cut Bartramii Squid, paired with our premium crispy coating’s are perfect for customers wanting a ‘step up’ premium squid.

Using only the finest of ingredients … each piece of squid has been sliced and ‘pineapple cut’ by hand, using only Batramii squid ensures you always get a product that is tender to eat, no membrane, mild in flavour and a rustic ‘made from scratch’ appearance.

Because I&J ‘pineapple cut’ the Squid, it delivers great batter adherence, which means customers get a great crunchy coating that’s not too thick or gluggy and retains the great flavours.  There is also the added benefit of no coating loss in the deep fryer.

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