Everyone knows about QR codes, especially now they’re compulsory for venue check-ins. QR codes have been around for many years, and are widely used across the globe for multiple purposes. So let’s leverage them for venue marketing, recruitment and daily operations.

Create codes
Use a service such as QRcodemonkey.com or a QR generator app to link a web page or action to the code. Download the square image you create and simply add it to menus, signs or stickers.

Use your shop window for promotions
A couple of QR codes in the window can lead to a welcome video from the owner, a downloadable copy of the menu, TripAdvisor reviews or more information about work opportunities. Link the employment QR code to your main recruitment page and liven it up with some short video testimonials from employees. Applicants can then click and fill out an application form; you now have a 24/7 billboard and recruitment site.

Menu information, ordering and service
Print a QR code on table tents, front door posters and takeaway menus. Scanning the code directs customers to a digital version of your menu. Take it a step further and integrate with an ordering app, so diners can browse, click, choose and pay.

Include QR codes on printed marketing material: flyers, postcards and posters can all have a QR code added for contact details, Facebook and Instagram accounts or special promotions.

Share recipes and food stories
Add a small QR code on your printed menu next to key dishes. The code could take customers to a recipe or even a video of the dish being made. Too many codes can look unsightly on a page, so one code should lead to a page with multiple links.

Information about your beverage offering
Distributors and wineries usually have detailed information on their websites, so a QR code could lead straight to their pages or a dedicated source you’ve set up.

Nutritional information
There’s a lot of information online — link directly for people who require additional clarification on menu items. A code can help avoid lengthy dish descriptions on your menu while directing customers to the right place for detailed dietary info.

Feedback surveys
Put a QR code on the table or receipt and ask for instant feedback. It works even better when staff remind customers that it’s just three or so short questions. Put them on a Google Form or use a free app such as Wufoo. Take it one step further and give customers the option to join your email list and receive promotions. Even a ‘thanks for visiting’ email could make a difference to a customer returning to your venue.

Production and efficiency
Ordering lists, equipment instruction sheets, operating systems and food safety routines can all be accessed online with a QR code linked to the URL of web pages and documents.

Opening and closing, COVID and food safety checklists can also put on Google Forms or specialist apps such as iAuditor — a QR sticker on the wall will trigger staff throughout your venue. Even hourly cleaning checklists behind the bathroom door can be a thing of the past.

Image credit: Modern Restaurant Management