After bringing Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart and Pafu crazes to Australia, the ST Group is set to launch another cult favourite: Kurimu.

The concept will launch in July, with Melbourne Central the lucky location, but there are plans to expand further afield. Dubbed Kurimu after the Japanese word for cream, the store will serve up a riff on the classic elongated eclair — choux pastry filled with crème custard and topped with a nutty crème patisserie topping.

All Kurimu treats will be baked fresh on site daily using ingredients from local producers. The crème custard filling will be piped to order while customers watch on, ensuring the choux shell retains its crispiness. That means each pastry will deliver a complex mouthful of crunchy-meets-smooth textures.

“The ST Group are excited to introduce Kurimu, a fusion of French and Japanese influence,” says managing director Tatt Ghee Saw. “With an eye for spotting trends, we are passionate about this treat ad are keen to share it with Australia.”


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