Most foodservice businesses are well aware of the influence social media platforms can have in attracting new customers to dine with them. Tantalising photos of menu items, enticing meal deals and one-off events are fantastic ways to get tongues wagging, and social media represents a fantastic opportunity for restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs to extend their reach.

But, have you thought about how sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can help you to attract and retain the right talent? When used correctly, social media can help to communicate the ethos and culture of your business, not only tempting diners to sample your wares, but portraying yourself as an employer of choice to jobseekers and fellow hospitality professionals.

Here are three pointers to help you get started.

1. Use people from within the business

There are plenty of social media marketing agencies that you can pay to post on your social accounts on your behalf, but users engage with content that is genuine and feels authentic. How better to achieve this than to allow someone with hands on experience to tell your story?

More than likely, your floor staff are younger than you, and more proficient with social media. They’d probably be more willing and able to engage with your followers online and achieve serious results. Just make sure you formalise the arrangement and set some ground rules about tone and content.

By allowing team members to take the reins, you’re giving potential candidates an insight into look and feel of your brand, before a job ad is even posted. This means that they’re more likely to stick around once hired, because they already have an understanding of the business, its day-to-day operation and perhaps most importantly, its culture and values.

2. Create a conversation

Don’t use your social media accounts purely to push an agenda. You need to show that you care about the community and industry that you operate within – not just your bottomline. Share monthly profiles of a customer or staff member (after getting permission, of course); tell your followers about the sporting club you sponsor or a new producer you’ve started using. If you make your followers feel like they’re part of a conversation rather than a sales pitch, your posts will be much more effective. Then, when it comes to recruitment time, candidates will be more likely to not only recognise your name, but be familiar with the workplace culture and even want to be part of it.

3. Use the right platforms

When it comes to social media, sometimes less is more. There are so many platforms to choose from: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn – the list goes on. Which ones are worth the time and effort? This is where it might be worth talking to a marketing professional; they’ll help you distinguish between the valuable and the not-so-valuable. They’ll also give you pointers on the best tone and style for each – remember, social media is all about customisation, a cookie cutter approach won’t do you any favours.

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