Chef Melina Puntoriero from Italy-based Manuelina Culinary Institute is bringing her intensive Professional Pasta Program to Food I Am in the Riverina, Wagga Wagga.

The full-week course, which is being offered for the first time outside of Italy, will take place from 12 – 16 September, giving participants the chance to learn about the theory and practice of pasta making.

The classes, running from 8.30am to 5.30pm, will cover more than 70 different types of pasta, including well-known varieties along with others unknown outside of Italy.

Each day offers hands-on lessons where students will learn regionalism, understand where pasta comes from and how to choose suitable condiments and sauces for any pasta.

“We start with the basics and quickly accelerate to restaurant style plates, experimenting with colours and unique flavour combinations that stretch the imagination and the palate,” Puntoriero said.

“Italian cuisine is famous for its simplicity of flavours and to be a master in their own field, and to innovate on tradition, every chef must first understand where a particular plate, a particular taste, or a particular ingredient comes from. And there is simply no better aspect of Italian cuisine to highlight regionalism than pasta.”

The program is as follows:

DAY 1 – History of Italian Regional Cuisine; Raw Ingredients Analysis

DAY 2 – Technical Overview for Flours and Grains, Long and Short Pasta

DAY 3 – Stuffed Pasta; Base Preparations & “Component Ingredients”

Day 4 – Eggless Pasta, Risotto and Gnocchi

Day 5 – Dried Pasta; Plating Techniques and Pairing




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