These delicious morsels are in peak supply in Autumn, or March to May. However, depending on the growing area, fresh figs are available from December until June. Figs are also now being grown in glasshouses, so it’s possible to get smaller quantities of figs from June to November too.

In Australia figs are grown in:

  • QLD – Bracken Ridge, Bundaberg, Gympie, Redland Bay,
  • NSW – Camden area, Orange, Glenorie
  • VIC – Goulburn Valley, Melbourne, Mid Murray, Sunraysia
  • SA – Adelaide Hills, Riverland
  • NT – Darwin, Ti Tree
  • WA – Swan Valley

The fleshy pear shaped exterior that varies in colour and shape has a soft pinkish coloured, sweet and slightly aromatic flesh that consists of numerous edible blossoms and seeds. Figs are superb eaten raw or cooked, and they work well with sweet or savoury.

Soft and salty cheeses (feta, ricotta, gorgonzola); prosciutto; chocolate; nuts; pork; duck; quail; venison; wine; port; marsala; honey; vanilla; orange; cinnamon; nutmeg; fennel; sherry; rocket; cream; sugar; rosemary; pernod


  • with burrata, ricotta or labneh
  • with seasonal fruits – late summer with berries or mangoes; in autumn with poached quince, rhubarb, dragon fruit or pomegranate
  • in salads with feta, rocket and prosciutto
  • with duck or venison
  • Fig tarts, pastries and cakes
  • Spicy fig sauce to serve with pork belly
  • Fig ice-cream or gelato
  • Jamon, fig and mozzarella pizza
  • Baked figs with honey and rose water yoghurt
  • Roasted figs with lamb and bitter greens
  • Figs with tapioca with coconut cream

Don’t rough handle figs. Figs are very perishable and need to be handled with care. 

Ripen figs at room temperature then refrigerate at store at 0°C and 90-100 percent relative humidity.

Soft, sweet-smelling fruit with good colour.  Ripe fruit should yield to gentle pressure.  Avoid figs that are hard, dry, split or mouldy, or that give off a sour odour. For maximum quality, fresh figs are best eaten or used within one to two days.

Sue Dodd, fresh product consultant at Sydney Markets

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