Fever-Tree adds the new pink Aromatic Tonic Water to its portfolio.

“Given the rise of rosé and frosé in Australia, in part due to the photographic potential via social platforms, the new mixer allows us to feed into a younger demographic and broaden our audience,” says Andy Gaunt, Fever-Tree Asia Pacifc brand director.

The history of Aromatic dates back to 1814, inspired by a historic naval recipe which cites an extract of angostura bark being used in fever remedies prescribed by the naval surgeons as an alternative to the long known anti-fever prescription of cinchona bark (quinine).

Initially the infusion was yellow but improved techniques meant it was pink by the 1820s. By the middle of the 19th century, the use of pink tonic made from angostura extract was widespread in the Royal Navy.

Fever-Tree founders Charles Rolls and Tim Warrillow researched early references of tonics and have sourced ingredients from around the world to finesse the Aromatic recipe.

The gentle bitterness of Angostura bark from South America is balanced by the sweet, spicy flavours of various ingredients including vanilla from Madagascar, ginger from Cochin and cardamom from Guatemala.

These are combined with Fever-Tree’s quinine from the Congo and soft spring water. The result is a tonic water with subtle aromas of exotic spice and fresh citrus, a refreshing aromatic flavour and a clean, dry finish with a rosé pink hue.

This completes a range of 13 all-natural mixer and tonics to pair with premium spirits.

The November launch will coincide with on premise activations, with 20 venues promoting the pink cocktail serve across the country from December. Venues include Sydney’s Zephyr Bar, Naked for Satan in Melbourne and Perth’s Sweetwater Rooftop.

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