The Embassy of Ecuador together with the support of Pro Ecuador (the country’s institute for the promotion of exports and investments) will be bringing Exquisite Ecuador to Australia, a campaign designed to showcase some of the country’s finest food producers.

Following successful events around the world in Miami, Madrid, and London, Exquisite Ecuador will arrive in Sydney this August.

The campaign showcases some of Ecuador’s most delicious food ingredients and other exports, to investors, buyers, and media. The promotional trip will culminate in a cocktail party in Sydney that will highlight the best of Ecuadorian gastronomy including cacao and its derivatives, exotic fruits, quinoa, prawns, hearts of palm and tuna – all of which are available to the foodservice industry.

“In Ecuador, we have much to offer the wider world – from succulent fresh fruit and incomparable chocolate to some of the most beautiful flowers on the planet. We are delighted to share a bit of our home, as Ecuadorian produce would add only more vibrancy and value to Australia’s already diverse culinary culture,” says the ambassador of Ecuador, Raul Gangotena Rivadeneira.

In addition to its culinary focus, the Australian visit in August will serve a number of other purposes for the representatives of Pro Ecuador:

  1. To gain exposure to and learn from Australian trade and investment counterparts at the national, state, and council levels and to learn about Australia’s industry, exporting capabilities and activities, strategic priorities, and best practices.
  2. To explore commercial partnerships with Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.
  3. To promote Australian investment into Ecuador.


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