The owner of Kings Cross nightclub, Dreamgirls, has been convicted for his leading role in setting up and operating an illegal, unlicensed bar.

After pleading guilty, Michael Frank Amante was fined $7,000 and ordered to pay $1,500 in legal fees. His conviction follows that of Dreamgirls licensee, David Wilhelm Lakepa on 10 May.

Amante was prosecuted after a raid in December 2015 uncovered a secret bar operating on level 1 of the Darlinghurst Road venue. Liquor and Gaming NSW inspectors uncovered the makeshift bar, bottles of spirits, a bar fridge containing beer, served spirits on a table, a portable EFTPOS machine and an intercom device. Both customers and staff confirmed in interviews that illegal alcohol sales had been occurring.

Amante sold inspectors the bar had been set up to boost business and that it had been operating for six or seven months. He kept it a secret because he knew the business wasn’t supposed to be operating on level 1, an unlicensed area.

 Following the raid, Dreamgirls was served with a long term closure order and has since surrendered its liquor licence.


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