Sydney’s Devon Hospitality Group has teamed up with Hakatamon Ramen’s Hidetoshi Tsuboi to launch a Japanese street food concept in Darling Square.

Tsukiyo revolves around two iconic snacks: takoyaki and taiyaki. The octopus balls and fish-shaped waffles feature in multiple applications across the menu covering both sweet and savoury options.

“Tsukiyo is the culmination of our innate yearning to recreate the nostalgic feeling of walking through the side street food stalls of Osaka’s neon-laden Dotonbori district,” says Executive Chef Zach Tan.

Takoyaki options include the original which sees the octopus balls covered in bonito flakes, takoyaki sauce, kewpie mayo and the spicy, which incorporates a hot mayo.

Limited specials will change weekly, with the Barcelona (LP’s chorizo teamed with smoked paprika, aioli, tomato, fried parsley and lemon) the first off the line.

A trip to Tsukiyo isn’t complete without grabbing a taiyaki.

There are three dessert options to choose from: red bean, vanilla bean custard and chestnut, with guests selecting a scoop of gelato and toppings, as well as a croque monsieur iteration with local ham and gruyere.

Not to forget the fruit sando by ex-Zumbo chef Markus Andrew. Expect seasonal fruit layered with Calpis whipped cream sandwiched between Japanese white bread.

“I have always been a huge fan of Japanese food and culture, having opened both Devon Cafe and Japanese donburi restaurant, Dopa, so I’m excited to expand our offering with Tsukiyo,” says Tan.

Tsukiyo is now open at 17-19 Little Hay Street.