The Australian Culinary Federation has announced the details of its Chef Weekend conference, taking place in early March.

The Chef Weekend will be held in Hobart, Tasmania from 6 to 8 March.

The weekend is a training exercise for foodservice professionals, and will include a series of panel discussions and presentations by industry leaders.

Leo Di Battista, director of accountancy firm AS Partners, will shed light on the effective financial management of kitchens and restaurants, while psychologist Barry Kerr will discuss relationship management and mental health for hospitality workers.

The conference will take place at Wrestpoint Casino and will culminate with a gala dinner on 8 March.

Industry members are able to purchase either a full or junior delegate package, with highlights including welcome cocktails at MONA, a producer’s tour to Barilla Oysters, Lark Distillery and/or Huon Aquaculture and a Producers Farmers market lunch.

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