The inaugural Flinders Island Food and Crayfish Festival will kick off on 14 April.

The two-day festival will be spearheaded by David Moyle who has established a team of chefs to cook a long lunch.

James Viles (Biota), Matt Stone (Oakridge), Jo Barrett (Oakridge) and Mark Labrooy (Three Blue Ducks) will spend five days before the event foraging and sourcing local produce for the lunch.

“I’m looking forward to showing [Flinders Island] off to some mates and cooking together with them.” says Moyle. “It is such a great treat as a cheat to eb able to cook dishes directly from the location and connected to the land you are standing on. I wanted to share that with people, so we thought up the idea of the lunch.”

A matching wine menu will be designed by sommelier Alice Chugg from Ettie’s.

April is the peak time for crayfish along with other produce including salt grass lamb, wallaby, fish, beef and mutton bird, which will all be on show.

The location of the event will be revealed a few days before the lunch and tickets are available here.

Image credit: Chris Crerar 

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