Queensland’s Sunshine Coast has become the first region in Australia to establish a Coffee Roasters Guild, aiming to set the area up as the state’s coffee capital.

The Sunshine Coast Coffee Roasters Guild has been founded by six of the region’s 10 roasters: Pioneer Coffee Roastery, Clandestino Coffee Roasters, Flying West Small Batch Roasters, Montville Coffee Roasters, Tim Adams Specialty Coffee and Sunshine Coast Coffee Roastery.

The Guild will make its first public appearance at next month’s Sunshine Coast Real Food Festival in Maleny on 12 and 13 September.

“Every coffee roaster in the Sunshine Coast Coffee Roasters Guild is passionate about what they do, and by working together we can inspire both the local community and visitors to support local product and create a demand for coffee excellence on the Coast,” said Pioneer Coffee Roastery’s Jo Bennett.

“The Sunshine Coast is already a much acclaimed tourist destination, known for its beautiful beaches and breathtaking hinterland – but the outstanding quality of locally produced food and drink has been kept somewhat secret. By joining forces, the Sunshine Coast specialty coffee industry can establish itself as a coffee powerhouse to rival any coffee destination, nationally and internationally.”

Kris McDonald from Montville Coffee Roasters added “Working as a Guild we have a firmer foundation to be able to grow the quality of coffee across the Sunshine Coast. As a group, we can also take advantage of green bean buying opportunities and bring coffee farmers to the Sunshine Coast to learn with us about improving quality in the entire process from the bean to the cup.”

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