Food safety can make or break a business, with one negative incident having the potential to destroy a solid reputation. Thanks to the rise of online reviews and social media, it’s never been more important to keep food safe, which is why selecting the right refrigeration solution for your business is a crucial decision.

Just one negative review can drive customers away from your business, and it’s difficult to rebuild a reputation once it’s been damaged.  According to the CheckIt Food Safety Study, 2016, 75 percent of people would not visit a restaurant that had a food safety incident, which is why keeping food safe should always be top priority — not just for customer wellbeing, but for maintaining a positive reputation and business image.

There are many factors in a business you can’t control, but avoiding contamination and keeping food safe is in your hands.  Without the correct refrigeration solution, food can enter the danger zone (between 5 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius) which increases the risk of bacteria-related contamination that can result in food poisoning. In a fridge, temperatures of between 1 degree Celsius and 5 degrees Celsius prevent the growth of most bacteria. Fluctuations in core temperature during storage are not only dangerous, but also alter a product’s flavour, nutritional integrity and quality.

To kill bacteria in cooked food it must reach a core temperature above 75 degrees Celsius during cooking. Fridges that maintain tight temperature control are essential in a busy kitchen, where doors are constantly opened and closed. All SKOPE fridges maintain tight temperature control and keep food safe by evenly chilling food and beverages no matter where the product is stored in the fridge — even when the fridge door is frequently opened.

New Zealand-based SKOPE Refrigeration has designed and manufactured commercial refrigeration solutions for the Australasian market for more than 50 years. For SKOPE, food hygiene is of the utmost importance, and the organisation prides itself on working with the hospitality industry to meet and exceed food safety requirements.

Selecting a reliable refrigeration solution not only ensures peace of mind when it comes to food safety, but also prolongs the life of produce, encourages sustainability and saves money. Download SKOPE’s eBook Why Bad Food is Not Cool to keep food safe and start protecting your reputation now.

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