Senpai business partners Chase Kojima and Howin Chui have announced Senpai Ramen will now be known as Senpai Concepts.

Kojima launched the first Senpai store ‘Simulation’ in Darling Square in 2021, going on to open Senpai Ramen locations in Chatswood and Burwood.

The Chatswood store offered an omakase ramen experience, while Burwood was billed as a more casual offering.

But from today, the Chatswood and Burwood stores won’t be limited to just ramen and will now serve a range of dishes inspired by Kojima’s upbringing in the US under the name Senpai Concepts.

Diners are now able to order from a menu that covers sushi, nori burgers priced under $20, ramen, and share plates.

Kojima is no stranger to nori burgers, and his new iteration of the rice-filled, seaweed-wrapped snack sees a range of fillings including fried chicken, salmon, tuna, beef, and an Impossible vegan option.

Along with the rebrand, Chatswood will see a new venue launch next door to Senpai Concepts.

The 10-seat omakase neighbouring restaurant is slated to open in the second half of this year.

The Sokyo chef teamed up with Kowloon Cafe Owner Chui earlier this year to further develop the Senpai brand, with the pair taking a more all-encompassing approach to their restaurants.