South Australian caterer, The Right Chef has been fined $10,000 by the Adelaide Magistrate’s Court for failing to show up to a function that had already been partly paid for.

Ian Vetter – who trades as The Right Chef – accepted $2,000 from Kim Bloom and her now husband to cater their wedding in 2013. On the day of the wedding, Vetter assured the prenuptials that he was on his way to the event but ever actually turned up, leaving guests to purchase food from a local supermarket.

Late last month, Vetter was found to have breached Australian Consumer Law by accepting payment without providing the agreed services and was fined a total of $10,168.80 in penalties and compensation. The South Australian consumer watchdog, Consumer and Business Services, led the successful prosecution against Vetter.

Commissioner for Consumer Affairs, Dini Soulio said that Vetter willingly accepted full payment prior to the event and kept in contact with Bloom right until the morning of the wedding, assuring her that he was on his way to the event, but never actually showed up.

“The bride and her family were forced to rush around and purchase food from the local supermarket at the last minute with family members missing the celebrations as they rushed to prepare food for guests,” said Soulio. “I am pleased to see Vetter penalised $8,000 for his actions, and that the bride will be compensated.”

“Vetter not only took money for catering services that he never provided, but also caused an enormous amount of stress to the bride on her wedding day – a day that she can never get back.

“This case is a timely reminder for consumers to do thorough research before deciding to engage in a contract with a trader.”


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